Hotel Bellavista - Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile

History of Hotel Bellavista

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Since old times, Llanquihue Lake has played an essential role in the development and growth of Puerto Varas. At the beginning, all services and commercial transport were done through the lake. It was not unusual to find piers in each farm surrounding it, where persons and goods were embarked. First they travelled by sloops and later by steamboats, such as Claro Colonia and Santa Rosa, this last one belonged to the former owners of the hotel.

This movement plus the large number of tourists arriving by train, made necessary more infrastructure, mainly for hosting people that was passing by. Thus, in 1908 Mr. Carlos Heim built his house facing the lake, which afterwards was turned into a Hotel.

Within this context, Hotel Bellavista was open on July 1st 1918 with large rooms and a wonderful park with native species and green ferns still preserved. Back then, President Carlos Ibañez del Campo was one of many guests who enjoyed the hotel.

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The prosperity and development of the city was observed by this warming Hotel. In its rooms stayed businessmen, employees, sellers, tourists and newlyweds who found in this building an incomparable place for resting and relaxing.

In 1986, Bellavista Hotel was bought by its current owners, families Opitz and Teuber, who had a great vision of the future. They took advantage of the characteristics of the place and started building a new Hotel with 27 rooms, keeping the name and some woods, as silent witnesses of the former guests.

That is how Bellavista Hotel was growing at the vanguard of the hotel industry in Puerto Varas, adapting itself to the needs of the time, but always focused on the well-being and comfort of guests.
Currently, the hotel has 70 rooms with view to the lake, restaurant, bar, Wi-Fi, business centre, sauna, laundry, private parking and a great event centre with capacity for 450 persons. But above everything, the hotel has a privileged view to the Llanquihue lake with its impressive Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes, which along with a friendly and nice staff make your stay at the hotel an unforgettable experience.