Sustainability policy

At Hotel Bellavista we believe that sustainability is the key element that will allow tourism to continue to be one of the driving forces of the country's economy, we seek the integration of the values ​​and principles associated with sustainable development, minimizing the negative impacts that our operations may cause. to the local culture and environment.
Hotel Bellavista does not support the exploitation tourism of human beings in any of its forms, especially the sexual, commercial of children and / or adolescents.
We declare our commitment regarding the protection of the environment, the development of the community and respect for it, the satisfaction of our customers and the realization of our staff, through:

  • The incorporation of environmental management to our daily activities, promoting waste reduction and management, saving energy and water
  • The promotion of the integral development of the community and local welfare, promoting fair trade and buying from local producers.
  • Delivering a quality service, in order to satisfy our clients with agreements to their requirements.
  • Training our personnel in order to increase their competences in the realization of the service, care and conservation of the environment, risk prevention and hygiene and safety of the personnel.